Monday, May 9, 2011

A Quick Trip to The National Zoo

Location: 3001 Connecticut Ave, Washington D.C.
Hey everyone, it's Haley! On Friday, we decided to take an impromptu visit to the zoo. Even though it wasn't on our events calendar, we decided to go anyway since the zoo is such a classic D.C. attraction. Natalie and I went to the zoo in September, but Mishta had never been. I wouldn't recommend going to the zoo if you've visited within the past year because nothing really changes. But this trip was worth it because we got to see the lion cubs! The highlight of the trip was definitely the lions. We couldn't get a good picture of the cubs since they were lying far away, but here's a link to a lion cub photo gallery. Below is a picture of the daddy lion.

The smelly Ape House only had one lame ape who was hiding in the corner with his back turned to all the tourists. Also, a large part of the zoo was under construction because of the elephant house rennovation. Since I had knee surgery, we took advantage of the zoo's free wheelchairs, so I didn't have to crutch around. This was quite convenient for me, but for Natalie and Mishta, it was a nightmare at times. The zoo is built on a hill, so on the way down they had to make sure I didn't roll away, and on the way up, they had to use all their might to make it to the top. It was quite the ride for me. The zoo was overflowing with kids on field trips who were very loud, but that's expected. All in all, it wasn't that fun for me and Natalie because we've been recently, but Mishta had a great time, especially since she got to pet goats!

Admission Price: FREE
Time: April-October 10 am to 6 pm daily; November-March 10 am to 4:30 pm daily
Location: The National Zoo
Transportaion: 3 hour parking is $15; Metro accesible from Woodley Park/Zoo (Red Line)
Our Rating: ★★★☆☆

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