Photo Gallery

 Natalie and Mishta at the beginner's lesson

 Contra Dancing 

 Learning the moves

 Natalie loves her partner!

 The first dance!

 Haley at the Memorial Day Concert

Threeindc vs. Capitol

Sitting on the lawn

Haley at Gravelly Point Park

Natalie with an incoming plane!

A panoramic view of Gravelly Point Park 

 Mishta and Haley at the Kennedy Center

 Scott Alan on the piano, Mykal Kilgore with vocals, Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf on the cello

 The Millennium Stage

 A panoramic view from the Kennedy Center

 Threeindc on the terrace of the Kennedy Center

The Grand Foyer

 Go Celtics!

 A cool vendor at Eastern Market

 Mishta with recycled artwork

 Natalie finding the perfect peach

 The indoor food market

 In the Metro

 Our stop!

Haley's elephant bag

An abstract view of the statue at Roosevelt Island

Natalie and Mishta holding a water fountain 

Haley and Mishta and the BFG (big friendly giant)

Natalie and Haley at Roosevelt Island

 The trail was very well marked!

 Mishta and Natalie on the Billy Goat Trail

Potomac River flooding

 The lake at the part A trailhead

 Geese From Canada: The Sequel

Part A of the Billy Goat Trail is flooded!

 Haley and Mishta on the bridge at Great Falls

 The vast falls

 Haley and Natalie at the falls

Geese from Canada

 "Black Swan"

 "Angry Peeps"

 "Exit Through the Peep Shop"



 "Peep Hoarders"

 "Apple's iPeep Release in Georgetown"

Can you spot the peep in the Artisphere offices?

We've arrived!

 Natalie in the herb garden

Mishta and the vegetable garden

Haley and Mishta having fun in the columns at the Arboretum 

Mishta with the azaleas

A busy bee at the Arboretum 

Having fun during the 7th inning stretch

Pitcher switch during the 7th inning

Haley at the Nats game

Don't fall!

Bye, Haley!

Haley and Natalie at the "Exorcist" Stairs in Georgetown

The biggest crosswalk we've ever seen!

Mishta petting the goat

Natalie pushing Haley in her wheelchair

Tiger at the National Zoo