Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Performance at The Kennedy Center

Our Opinions about the concert
The Kennedy Center was spectacular. As soon as we got off the metro at Foggy Bottom, a free shuttle bus to the Kennedy Center was waiting at the top of the escalator. The shuttle took about 5 minutes, and before we knew it, we had arrived! The Millenium Stage is in the Grand Foyer, and it was very easy to find. We recommend you get there early if you want front row seats because we arrived at 6 o’clock on the dot, yet we had seats that were quite far from the stage. At first, we didn’t know what to expect because these free concerts have a variety of different performances, and we didn’t want to get stuck with a boring symphony. Lucky for us, we chose the right day to go to The Kennedy Center. Scott Alan had the voice of an angel! He presented a beautiful performance of vocals and piano, and was accompanied by Mykal Kilgore (vocals), and Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf (cello). Between each of his songs, which were amazing, Scott Alan kept us entertained by cracking jokes. He is hilarious, talented, and an awesome person. We were determined to meet him, and guess what? – we did! After the concert Scott and Mykal signed our programs and we got to talk with them for a few minutes! Waiting in line to meet them was nerve-wracking, but when it was finally our turn, we knew it was worth the wait! They even left us with a special video. Check it out below! 

A message from Scott Alan and Mykal Kilgore

You can see who is performing each day by visiting the Kennedy Center website and checking the schedule for the free performances. All in all, this event is something we recommend all of you do, because not a lot of people know that there are free concerts, and who doesn’t like visiting the Kennedy Center every now and then!?

Mykal Kilgore singing

The concert was taped courtesy of the Kennedy Center. Click here for a video of the full performance! P.S. - For all you Twitter tweeters out there, follow @ScottAlanNet and @mykalwitha_y! #theyrock

Location: 2700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20566
The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts opened in 1971, and is known for presenting great performances and promoting upcoming artists from around the world. Everyday there is something going on at the Kennedy Center, whether it’s a musical, a play, or a dance performance. What’s neat about the Kennedy Center is that it puts on free performances every day at 6 pm in the Grand Foyer. No tickets are required! We’ll be attending the free performance on Tuesday, May 24th, where rising star Scott Alan will be putting on a show! We are so excited! Stay tuned!

Admission Price: FREE (for the free performances)
Time: Everyday at 6 pm
Location: Washington, DC
Transportation: Metro Accessible from Foggy Bottom/GWU Station (Orange/Blue Line)
Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Eastern Market

Our Opinions of Eastern Market
WOW! We loved Eastern Market so much! The metro stop was a block away from the market which was super convenient. We first went into the flea market which is only open on Sundays. There were stands selling hemp dresses, tibetan jewelry, african crafts and native american trinkets. This flea market was by far our favorite part. Haley bargained with a vendor and bought a cool handmade bag from India for only eighteen dollars!

Mishta and Haley at the flea market

There was also an indoor fresh food market that sold everything from cupcakes to raw meat. We didn't linger in there since the smell of meat was overwhelming. Outside the food market, there were vendors selling cool artwork, including a giraffe statue made out of recycled Arizona Tea cans. We sampled many fruits, vegetables and fresh dips from the local farm stands, who sell their organic food at the market every weekend. Overall, we loved the warm and friendly atmosphere of the market, but wish we had brought more money to buy the cool handicrafts. 

I enjoyed a delicious fresh fruit smoothie and Indian spice hummus. The metro ride back was quite interesting -- I got smushed by the Metro doors when we forgot to get off a stop, and Mishta sat next to a man who was having a loud conversation with himself. Eastern Market is a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!
- Natalie

I'm so glad we went to Eastern Market. I've never really heard about it, so I didn't know what to expect, but now I understand why people love it so much. My favorite stand in the flea market was the one that sold sports jerseys, because it sold Rajon Rondo's jersey, my favorite basketball player. Since there was too much to explore in the short time we had, I definitely plan on going back especially to snag an empanada!
- Haley

I loved Eastern Market!!! I can't wait to take my Mom and my sister there, because I know they will love it as much as I did. I bought the most delicious peach at a fruit stand, and the weather was perfect so everyone was in a good mood. My favorite part of our trip was when we made fun of a women who almost forgot to get off at her stop. Ironically, it was our stop as well, and we had to make a mad dash for the doors.
- Mishta

Beautiful hand painted chairs

Check out more pics of Eastern Market in our photo gallery.

Location: 7th and C Streets, SE, Washington, DC
The Eastern Market is a public market built in 1871 in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington DC. The market was initially built as a symbol of urbanization in order to change DC’s original “sleepy southern town image.” Eastern Market is the oldest continuously running food market in the Washington DC area, however an unexpected fire in 2007 disrupted, but never closed, market activities. Thankfully, the market building reopened two years later. The market has become a popular stop for locals and for tourists because of the thriving stalls of fresh meats and produce, baked goods, and crafts.
More information: Eastern Market Website

Admission Price: FREE
Time: 10 am - 5 pm on Sundays
Location: Capitol Hill
Transportation: Metro accessible from the Eastern Market stop (orange/blue line)
Our Rating: ★★★★