Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nationals Game

Our Opinions of the Game
We had so much fun at the Nats game yesterday! The metro ride was only 25 minutes, and the trains were full of fans going to the game. The walk from the Navy Yard stop was only two minutes, and there were vendors selling cheap refreshments, hot dogs, and Nats gear. We bought our tickets there which was really easy. We walked up to an automatic ticket machine and bought tickets that were only $10! Our seats were pretty high up, but we could still see the action really well. The new Nats stadium is built so that the majority of the seats have a great view of the game. The game was pretty intense too, since the Nats had lost the last three games in the week to the Marlins. Also, the Florida Marlins are notorious for beating the Nats at home. We made six runs in the first inning, with both Ivan Rodriguez and Jason Marquis getting two runs each. This historic inning was only the second time the Nats have scored six or more runs in the first inning. 

The view of the diamond from our seats

I had a great time cheering up high and yelling "Here we go, boys!" at the players. I got a little dizzy at first since our seats were so high up. Maybe it was altitude sickness. We also ran into my best bud from elementary school who was there with a friend. The Nats game is obviously a great pastime for teens! 
- Natalie 

I didn't know if I would enjoy the game, since baseball isn't my favorite sport, but I ended up having an awesome time. I found my favorite player - outfielder Roger Bernadina - and went crazy every time he caught a fly ball even though Mishta and Natalie thought it was a little embarrassing.  Although we were in section 405, getting there on crutches was really easy.  Elevators were easily accessible and they were quite speedy!
- Haley

I can't believe I've never been to a Nats game before this Sunday! The weather was beautiful which made the game even more enjoyable. I finally got to eat Ben's Chili Bowl, which I highly recommend everyone try. No, but seriously, don't leave the stadium until you get a bowl of that chili- you won't regret it! I will most definitely be attending more games this spring and summer. 
- Mishta

Singing during the 7th inning stretch

Location: 1500 South Capitol St., SE Washington, DC 20003
The Washington Nationals, or the “Nats” are a baseball team in the eastern division of Major League Baseball. They played their first three seasons in the RFK Stadium in D.C. but then switched venues when the Nationals Park was built in Southeast D.C. in 2008. The franchise started off as the Montreal Expos in 1969, when they first joined the league. In 2005, they moved to Washington D.C. and have been there ever since. In the MLB there are two leagues—the American League and the National League. The Nationals are in the National League in the East division. Within this division, the Nats are currently ranked 4th with a record of 16-18. The Nationals are one of two teams in the league that have never been to the World Series. From some of the seats in the stadium, spectators can even catch a glimpse of the Washington Monument and the Capitol building. The Stadium has 23 seating zones, and 3,300 of those seats are available for $10 or less. Go Nats!
More information: http://washington.nationals.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=was.

Sitting in section 405--not a lot of people, but a lot of fun!

Admission Price: Nosebleed seats- $10
Time: Game time
Location: Nationals Park
Transportation: Metro Accessible from Navy Yard Station (Green Line)
Our Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Let's go Nats! This is such a great idea of something fun to do in the sun, especially because of the inexpensive prices-something very appealing to some of us who don't always have a lot of money. Thanks for the great idea!