Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Metro Guide!

How to Use the Metro
Using the Metro is simple as long as you know which stop to get off at. There are five different colored lines that take you all over the DC/ Metropolitan area. Since we're taking the tro, as we like to call it, to Eastern Market this weekend, we'll walk you through the steps to get there. We'll start at the Tenleytown stop, which is on the red line, and get off at the Eastern market stop, which is on the blue/orange line. Because we have to switch lines, we'll get off at Metro Center. This is a huge stop where a lot of people get off in order to change lines. At Metro Center, we'll follow signs to the blue/orange line. It's really important to know the direction of the train you want. Above each side of the Metro, there's a sign that says the ending stop of the train going in that direction. If you look at the map below, you can see that one side of the blue/orange line ends at Vienna/ Franconia-Springfield, and the other side of the line ends at New Carrollton/ Largo Town Center. Since we're going to Eastern Market, we want to take the train towards New Carrollton/ Largo Town Center. Easy Peasy. When you get off the train, make sure to watch your step so you don't fall through the crack and into the tracks.

Stay Tuned! We're going to Eastern Market on May 22, and we'll update this post with our opinions, photos, and review of the event!

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